What’s LETS?

LETS schemes (Local Exchange Trading Schemes) are voluntary, non-profit-making groups, run and managed by their members.

DOG CARE (Small)
Dog Care

Members receive a Directory of the skills available from all members, and the things they’d like help with. This could be sharing excess garden crops, ironing, clear-outs, cook-ups, sober driving to outings, pet-sitting, DIY,  borrowing tools  furniture or plates- anything you can dream up!

Oh I get it now

It includes everyone’s contact details, so all you need to do to arrange a trade is get in touch with someone who you think could help, either directly or to a larger group by email if you don’t have anyone in mind.

You do not have to arrange a direct swap.   Castles earned go into a pool, to use  to ‘pay’ for a service provided by any other member.  You ‘pay’ by email’, and our Recorder keeps track of your Castle balance. Here is a clip from down under to explain- they use “Gumnuts”!

 Regular Newsletters keep us all up to date with what’s going on.

You can trade or attend events as much or as little as you like!

While we started in Wallingford, we now also have members in places nearby including Oxford, Benson, Cholsey, Didcot and Henley and have changed our name from “Wallingford LETS” to”South Oxfordshire LETS”

But I can’t do anything!

Of course you can! Have a look at the Trades and Skills page, or maybe you could:

  • Help out with cleaning, decorating, ‘grotty jobs’! Lawn cutting, pruning, weeding, digging
  • Be an extra pair of hands for house-moving or children’s parties
  • Collect visitors from the station, driver to the airport, late-night lift home from the theatre
  • Lend things out (e.g tent, barbeque, fish kettle, tools, pressure washer)
  • Walk the dog and water the plants for people away on holiday
  • Trade veg, fruit, seedlings, or fresh herbs

The basic rate for trades is six Castles per hour, but if you will arrange with your ‘client.’  If you use materials (wood, food, paper, petrol) you can charge in real pounds for these.

Not forgetting that we have fun together too…

South Oxfordshire LETS is also very sociable!  We have frequent events including:

  •  Guided walks in nearby beauty spots
  • Treasure hunts
  • ‘Table top’ sales
  • Murder Mystery evenings
  • Parties!
  • Quizzes