LETS holiday in Norfolk 2019

ImageAn intrepid group of us made the slightly longer trek to North Norfolk this year and stayed in a town house very near the sea at Cromer.  Many sandy beaches, the pier with its own theatre, and fantastic wildlife. After a chilly start made someone buy a thermal vest, the weather became warm and sunny.

We paddled and joined in with beach-cleaning on a strangely clean beach. These holidays always produce new and slightly unexpected experiences.

 Most people who went are LETS members, plus some friends and relations. As usual we were a mixture of people who had been before and a few new ones, who seemed to enjoy it. We usually went out for the day in various combinations, and returned to a home cooked dinner, followed by strange games for any who wanted to play.

We are planning a reunion in January 2020, when we’ll see everyone’s snaps and swap stories.

This summer we hope to go to West Wales