Meet the Team

Hello!  We’re the Core Group, beavering away behind the scenes to keep South Oxfordshire LETS running smoothly.  Please do contact any of us with any suggestions or feedback, we’re always on the lookout for bright ideas. We have regular meetings and members are more than welcome to come along, or get more involved and join the Group.

The Core Group (we don’t like being called a committee!) consists of a handful of members who keep the wheels of our LETS group turning.  Between us, we handle all the administration from Castle bookkeeping to Sterling book keeping and all the other things in between. ‘All the other things in between’ include arranging social gatherings, writing and compiling newsletters and local magazine articles, managing our website, email groups and membership lists, as well as a whole host of other things required to enable such a group to thrive, as it indeed does here in South Oxfordshire.

At this time, sadly, we are a little ‘thin on the ground’ in the Core Group but, gladly, our whole membership boasts 74 in number, so if anyone would like to help out with Core Group duties please do get in touch – potentially, there are Castles to be earned!  We hope at least a couple of members may be willing to help us out, perhaps you would like to come along for a taste of what we get up to!  Again, please contact Jane Williams –

Susan Renn

Treasurer and Responsible for Directory


Susan Renn has recently taken over the role of “Sterling Treasurer”, which means she deals with the club’s “real” money (rather than Castles) and processes applications from new members. She has been a member of LETS for many years and lives in Cholsey

Jane Williams

Jane Williams

Group and Events Co-ordinator

Jane is the Co-ordinator of South Oxfordshire LETS.  Her main role is to chair and minute Core Group meetings to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. She also takes an active part in the planning and hosting of social events throughout the year and writes many of the newsletter items.

From having members to do her ironing, pull weeds in her garden and pour champagne at her last ‘significant birthday’, to her arranging dinner parties, holidays for members and other varied trades, hundreds of Castles have been debited and credited to Jane’s LETS account since she joined in 1999.

Jane lives in Benson with her husband, Mike, who likes to join in on the social side, and her dog, Missy, who likes to join members on LETS walks!

Simon Wallis

Simon Wallis
Simon Wallis

Recorder for LETS accounts, and organises the e-mail group

Simon processes the Castles payments between members, either by paper or e-mail. Periodically he sends out statements of accounts to members so that they can check their balance and check that trades have been accurately recorded.

He is moderator of the LETS e-mail group, by which members can advertise their needs and services. He has been a member of LETS since the start, and earns copious Castles by administering to the computer needs of the distressed gentlefolk of South Oxfordshire.

Maureen Wood

Maureen Wood

Responsible for newsletters

Maureen collects and publishes information in our slightly irregular newsletter, circulated to all members with news on past and future activities, both trading and social.
Maureen lives in Goring and enjoys visiting her family in Canada and her home in Spain.

Anna Harvey: responsible for the website
Anna small head 2014
Anna is a fairly new member of LETS and has taken the plunge by offering to revive the website. She also lives in a cute cottage in Benson, and is continuing to find out about the amazing things LETS can offer.


Maureen Buch 

Maureen has recently joined the Core Group and is considering a role, to include publicity via local magazines.

She has lived at Cholsey Meadows for the last few years and is a keen gardener.