Woodland walk
Woodland walk

From time to time, members organise events which take their fancy! These are just a few examples of the kind of thing we do…

LETS walked in the woods

baby (Small)

The LETS walk happened the day after my baby turned 1 year old. I decided to go along to give my husband some peace and quiet after the busy birthday party!

We set off with a friendly group of people, most of whom I hadn’t met before. As the walk progressed I had the chance to talk to different people and get to know them, as well as their LETS skills!

We were extremely well guided on a beautiful woodland walk. The leaders were good at keeping everyone together and making it an enjoyable time.

After the walk we relaxed by seeing the art show and having tea and cake, a perfect ending to a lovely afternoon.

LETS Bring & Buy

This was such an enjoyable and productive event, it was just such a pity the snow and freezing weather deterred more people from taking part. I’m fairly new to the group and it was so lovely to meet other members and have a good chat and a laugh whilst trading at the same time. Trading definitely takes off when you’ve met people. The email group is invaluable but no substitute for good old fashioned face to face chat.

The range of goods for sale was really quite amazing, from practical everyday goods to Chris’s beautiful mosaics. The standard of goods on offer was noticeably high – no old tat anywhere!  Apart from offering goods for sale, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to give people a chance to sample one of the services I offer – healthy treats in the form of organic, sugar and dairy free cakes and tray bakes and was delighted when they were well received, both to eat on the day and to take away for family and friends and to freeze. I’m sure you’d all have skills, services and enthusiasms to share at future events.

Future bring and buy sales could be much bigger and held in a hall to attract passing trade. They’d be great opportunity to trade, socialize and network within the group, whilst giving the public the chance to see LETS in action, see what a great idea it is … and join us! Irresistible, naturally.

In what year was the Old Age Pensions Act?

This was one of the questions in an excellent quiz hosted by Chris  at her house on November 10th. Fourteen members formed into three teams to have their grey matter tested by Master of Ceremonies, Chris’s lodger. (My lodgers were never that brainy!!)

Everyone contributed to a wonderful selection of food and good conversation.

In a tight contest ( this, by the way is Simon talking of the swots) the class swots were Sue, Simon, Jilly and Chris (Hester’s husband). Not so Jane and I and our group!!!

It was a fantastic evening and when Chris said she had compiled some ‘mean’ questions for us, she sure meant it!! She worked incredibly hard to produce a range of questions so varied that we had to seriously dig deep to find the answers – not always succeeding!!!!!

Simon compiled this with a tiny amount of help from me, Val.

(The State Pension Act was passed in 1908.)