LETS at the Local Producers Market

LETS members will be flying the orange flag at the Wallingford Local Producers’ Market at Centre 70, mostly outside with some stalls inside this Saturday October 24th, to chat about how LETS works, explain what trades are, and other mysteries of this wonderful scheme. We have a table with LETs orange, and a stand of photos illustrating trades, leaflets etc, look out for us, we would love to see you. You will enjoy the market too!

Thanks to our hosts for the chance to get together.

LETS holiday in Norfolk 2019

ImageAn intrepid group of us made the slightly longer trek to North Norfolk this year and stayed in a town house very near the sea at Cromer.  Many sandy beaches, the pier with its own theatre, and fantastic wildlife. After a chilly start made someone buy a thermal vest, the weather became warm and sunny.

We paddled and joined in with beach-cleaning on a strangely clean beach. These holidays always produce new and slightly unexpected experiences.

 Most people who went are LETS members, plus some friends and relations. As usual we were a mixture of people who had been before and a few new ones, who seemed to enjoy it. We usually went out for the day in various combinations, and returned to a home cooked dinner, followed by strange games for any who wanted to play.

We are planning a reunion in January 2020, when we’ll see everyone’s snaps and swap stories.

This summer we hope to go to West Wales

Core Group meeting

The last Core Group meeting was held via Zoom which went fairly smoothly, with all the Core group attending. We will continue this way for the time being, we still manage to have fun!

We have regular meetings to hear news and make exciting plans, as well as keeping everything running smoothly.

All members are more than welcome to join in to discuss a particular point, see what goes on, or get more involved and join the Group. Please give Jane a ring  if you would like to join in, or chat to one of us

If meetings are not your scene, please either ring me (Jane) on 01491 833 683 or email jhutchins@clara.co.uk to contribute ideas for social events, ask questions or make suggestions about LETS.

Recycling visit to Ardley Energy Recovery Facilty

An intrepid group of LETS members visited Ardley Energy Recovery facility just before Christmas, which  will divert at least 95% of Oxfordshire’s residual municipal waste away from landfill and generate enough electricity to power around 38,000 homes.

The demand for this visit was surprising, we hope a second visit will be arranged  to accommodate everyone.

Barbecue by the river

Taking advantage of the prolonged dry weather, one of our members organised a picnic/barbecue on her very own secret river frontage in the centre of Wallingford. Swimming and boats were available, as well as a selection of delicious food brought by members and guests. Some had a swim in the river or went boating after lunch! It was a lovely calm spot in the heatwave

LETS get Trading!

We hope those of you who have not yet dipped your toe in the trading water, will soon give it a go. After all, that is why you joined, isn’t it? To help people start and keep trading, we hold social events from time to time as we have found everyone is more likely to trade with someone they have met. Anyone can organize one. It can be as simple as “come to my house for a cheese and wine evening”, or a bit more adventurous, as the boating trip was. If you have an idea for a social event, but are not sure about it, do please get in touch with a core group member for a chat.

No more subscriptions!


After much deliberation about subscriptions, the Core Group has come up with a brilliant idea – we won’t be collecting any more annual subscriptions from existing members for the foreseeable future! No more chasing subscriptions for me! Yippee! We have some money in the bank for any emergencies and don’t need any more for the time being. New members will pay a joining fee but that is all.