Welcome to South Oxfordshire LETS! 

LETS is a local network of people who trade skills, services, and goods on a cashless basis. People’s time is valued at an equal rate, whether walking someone’s dog, giving a massage, or stripping wallpaper. 70 of us are just waiting to share skills and interests- no money involved except for things you need to do the job- just good common sense
The more people trade, the more lively the group. The scheme also allows for the loan or trade of useful items, as well as occasional social events for the sociable.

Wallingford LETS has been running successfully for the last 18 years, and now has a number of members from other towns and villages, as it’s the only LETS group in the area. To encourage and support these members and to help us to grow, we have renamed the group “South Oxfordshire LETS” from May 1st 2016

To find out more, browse these pages. We hope you will be tempted to join in getting help, having fun, and making local friends