Would you like to join a group of friendly and like-minded people who help each other out?

Exchange your skills, goods and services within the group – no cash required!

  • Need something fixed?
  • Offer help with gardening
  • Borrow a stepladder/electric drill/garden tool?
  • Offer surplus produce
  • Want help with your technology?
  • Offer to collect a prescription
  • Need someone to feed the cat while you are away?
  • Offer- or request-  some mending or ironing
  • Need a lift to an appointment or airport?
  • Join in social events- meet other members
  • Go on holiday
  • Host an event and earn Castles

What could you offer or what do you need?  Different people enjoy different things! The list of possibilities is only limited by your imagination.

All this and more can be yours if you become a part of the thriving South Oxfordshire Local Exchange and Trading Scheme or …..LETS.

You earn Castles for what you do and pay in Castles for what you receive and will be credited with a number of Castles on joining.

For more information, email: info@southoxfordshire-lets.org.uk or call 07758550525
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